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September 2011 Vol. 11, Issue 3

In this issue...

  • Featured New Product: Sacroease Line of Products from McCarty's
  • New Products: Salli Chair from Salli Systems
  • Ergonomic Product Tip of the Month: How to select the appropriate Sacroease Product, How to select the appropriate Salli Chair Product
  • Upcoming Events: HSE Canada 2011 in Toronto

New Products

Salli Chair from Salli Systems is Now Available!

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical MouseThe Salli chair from Salli Systems is manufactured in Finland and offers the most comfortable and proven saddle chair available in the market today.  This basic design improves posture and improves circulation to all parts of the body, and has been shown to significantly increase productivity due to reduced fatigue and increased comfort zone.  A wide range of models are available to meet your needs from the original full single-piece saddle seat to extra features which allow adjustable separation on a two-piece saddle seat, adjustable lockable tilt, or a rocking mechanism allowing free continuous tilt in all directions.



For more information on the Salli Chair, see the Seating Solutions page in our online catalog.


Ergonomic Product Usage Tip of the Month

How to select the appropriate Sacroease Product

The McCarty’s Sacro-Ease Seat Support was invented in 1940 by two people with sciatic nerve pain. It started with a bottom only which provided support under the hips. The rubber webbing wrapped around the steel frame provides firm yet comfortable support even on soft seats. It quickly became evident that a back was also necessary to provide support in the lumbar area. The bendable steel frame makes it customizable for everyone’s spine as no two people have the same lumbar area or depth of curve. The Sacro Ease provides a firmness and level of back support which other products fail to offer, and encourages the "s" curve that our spine and neck are intended to have. Bend it for YOUR back, then sit back and enjoy the support – wherever you go. The Sacro Ease can be bent and refitted hundreds of times without losing its effectiveness and is warranted for 5 years.


Sacro Ease Seat Supports are available in a wide variety of models with varying levels and types of padding, as well as those which have a coccyx cutout designed to reduce pressure on the tailbone. Most models are available in 3 seat widths (15” wide models in stock). In addition to the full Seat Support options there are also Seat-only and Back-only options available. Which model you choose will depend on the overall feel that you are looking for, as well as what issues you are seeking to address.


The newest product is the Chair Makeover which is designed to “remake” an average office chair with poor back support and provide enhanced lumbar and neck support. With its 24” high steel frame back it will accommodate the majority of users. The attached Contoured Memory Foam seat keeps it firmly in place on your chair while improving the seating comfort - combine it with a NeckEase and you can sit in comfort all day long.


All of the Sacro-Ease seats are equipped with a handle enabling them to be transported between locations so that one seat will serve at home, at work, on transit, or any other location where you need to have proper back support.


How to select the appropriate Salli Chair Product


The Salli Chair has been in development for over 20 years by a group of experts in back physiology and ergonomics. Their goal was to create a physiologically correct chair for demanding long-term work.  The result is a raised saddle seat design which creates a significant negative slope in the upper legs, rotating the pelvis forward and ensuring that the lower back is in an anatomically correct position.  Providing this lower back support also straightens the upper back, preventing rounded shoulders and reducing tension and static load in the upper back muscles.  Issues such as slouching, curving of the back, problems with leg circulation, static posture are all addressed with this design.  Why is this?  There is no 'edge' to cut off blood flow on your leg, no rigid flat seat and vertical back to 'slouch' against and no restriction of movement of the legs, allowing one to position the knees farther apart than on traditional chairs. 

The riding-style saddle posture improves the range of movement and muscle control of the shoulder girdle and upper back, enhancing activities requiring hand dexterity and strength such as using a keyboard, mouse and writing surface.  Your range of movement and comfort zone is improved as back posture is maintained by the saddle seat, all the while utilizing your core muscles in a balanced manner without the necessity of a back rest. 

A variety of models are available from the basic single-saddle design (only recommended for women), to models where the saddle is not only 'split' in half, but the amount of separation is adjustable.  The most recent 'Swing Fit' models are the most freely moving adjustable split saddle seat chair offered on the market today. The rocking mechanism enables the seat to freely and continuously tilt or 'rock' on the left-right and front-back axis (and all angles in combination) without the need to release a lever, allowing the user to employ and benefit from their kinesthetic sense. 

For normal office use the Classic Tilt, Twin Tilt, or Swing are the most popular models. For occasional use or multi-user environments, we recommend the standard Classic or Twin as they require minimal adjustment (essentially, just the height of the lift).  If one individual is solely using the Salli, and will take advantage of the adjustments, either the MultiAdjuster or SwingFit is recommended to ensure the ideal 'fit'. For individuals looking for a chair that encourages and allows more movement, the Swing and Swing Fit models achieve this. Although, a seat that locks into position may be preferred for tasks requiring very fine control, for example, surgery, playing some musical instruments, and fine assembly.

Featured New Product

Sacroease Line of Products from McCarty's

DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse

The Sacroease products from McCarty's exist for the sole purpose of providing an improved seating experience. By combining a bendable steel frame with supportive rubber bands and various levels of padding they have created a range of products which will improve the support and cushioning of virtually any seat. Since many seats have poor support almost anyone can benefit from the use of these devices but they are especially valuable for those who require better lumbar and/or seat support. Their portability makes these especially valuable as the user is able to maintain the same level of support wherever they sit throughout the day.


The Sacroease line of products come in a variety designs, sizes, and colours to suit your specific needs.


For more information on the Sacroease from McCarty's, see the Seating Solutions category in our online catalog.


Upcoming Events

HSE Canada 2011 in Toronto

HSE Canada 2011September 27th - 28th, 2011 - HSE Canada 2011 (Health, Safety, and Environment Canada 2011 Conference) in Toronto, Ontario at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre


ErgoCanada will be a Platinum Sponsor of this event, as well as Exhibiting in our 1500 square foot booth (30' x 50' - #319).

For VIP Coupon for HSE Canada 2011, click here.


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