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July 2011Vol. 11, Issue 2

In this issue...

  • Featured New Products: DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse by City Ergonomics
  • New Products: Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse from Posturite, Smart Cat Pro AG Touchpad from Cirque
  • Ergonomic Product Tip of the Month: Ambidextrous Vertical Mice - Are They Really Ergonomic?
  • Upcoming Events: HSE Canada 2011 in Toronto

New Products

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse from Posturite is Now Available!

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical MouseThe Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse from Posturite allows the user to rest either hand comfortably alongside the vertical structure, encouraging the use of the bigger muscles in the forearm and upper arm to manoeuvre the mouse. Fine cursor control can be achieved with small hand and/or finger movements. Its ambidextrous design and central ‘bow-tie’ switch allow for easy transition between right and left handed use. Features include adjustable DPI (800, 1200, or 1600) and a precision scroll wheel. The Penguin is available in both a wired and wireless model, and in either small or standard size. To determine which size is most appropriate, measure the distance between the top of wrist and tip of middle finger - if it is above 17.5 cm, then select a standard model, if it is less than 17.5 cm, select a small model.



For more information on the Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse, see the Vertical Mice page in our online catalog.


Smart Cat Pro AG Touchpad from Cirque is Now Available!

Smart Cat Pro AG TouchpadThis is the new 'AG' model of the popular Cirque Smart Cat Pro Touchpad incorporating both single and multi-finger gestures providing quick access to Pinch Zoom, Scroll/Pan and other actions. It also includes 4 programmable tap surface areas (the 4 'buttons' on the left side of the touchpad are not buttons but legended tap surface areas, which you activate by lightly tapping on them). For a user who will be using the programmable buttons regularly, this model is superior to the regular Smart Cat as you can use zero-force taps instead of having to click a mechanical button. Also included are a Back/Forward tap area for internet browsing, vertical and horizontal scroll area and zoom area. This is the most powerful and optimized touchpad available on the market today.



For more information on the Smart Cat Pro AG Touchpad, see the Touchpad page in our online catalog.

Ergonomic Product Usage Tip of the Month

Ambidextrous Vertical Mice - Are They Really Ergonomic?

It is taken as a general rule by many that truly ergonomic mice cannot be ambidextrous and, conversely, that truly ambidextrous mice cannot be ergonomic. But is this necessarily true in every case, and does this imply in addition that all ambidextrous vertical mice, for example, are bad for you? In this article, we will examine two new vertical mice that have been added to ErgoCanada's product line to determine if this general principle still holds in both these cases.


DXT Ergonomic Precision MouseThe first new ambidextrous vertical mouse we will discuss is the DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse by City Ergonomics. The name itself implies that it is ergonomic. But if so, in what way? The first thing to note about this mouse is that it is relatively small. The second thing is that there is no obvious way to hold or grip the mouse. These two immediate observations are important to consider, because they in fact show how the DXT can be both ambidextrous and ergonomic. Remember that an ambidextrous mouse can be used by either the left or right hand, and that an ergonomic mouse ideally conforms to one or the other hand, but not both, since both hands are not identical in shape (they mirror one another). How then can the DXT be an ambidextrous ergonomic mouse? Simply because the mouse is not meant to be held or gripped by the hand as a whole, but only the fingers and thumb. Observe, too, that the hand never rests on the mouse at any time. All gripping /holding and moving of the mouse is done by the fingers alone with the hand, wrist and arm stationary. DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse with proper finger gripThis can be easily done, because the mouse's size means that it is relatively lightweight and small, and therefore highly mobile. And the particular shape of the mouse, when rotated 180°, matches either hand's fingers and thumb without feeling forced or awkward when lightly held by the fingers. In principle, then, the DXT can be both ambidextrous and ergonomic without violating the above general principle, which really applies to hand-held mice. The DXT is not so much a hand mouse as a finger mouse. Hence it is also ideal for precision mousing, as its full name implies.


But what about the second new ambidextrous vertical mouse added to ErgoCanada's product line, the Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse? It is a larger and heavier mouse (2 sizes are available) and looks rather like a joystick to be held or gripped by the hand. Can this be ergonomic, too? In the case of the Penguin mouse, usage appears to be more straightforward than the DXT but is in fact not. Just like the DXT, the mouse is not designed to be held or gripped by the hand; instead, the hand is positioned vertically with the side of the hand resting on the flat, tapered base, with the thumb resting in one of the two side grooves on either side the mouse's main body. The fingers remain free (with light touching of the body) for clicking the front buttons or scrolling when necessary. Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical MouseThe main force 'holding' the mouse is just the weight of the hand resting on its side. For movement, the whole arm is used rather than the wrist or fingers. In this way, either hand can still be used effectively and ergonomically, because there has been no great compromise in ergonomics relating to gripping of the mouse - there is no gripping: the major part of the hand in contact with the mouse is not the mirrored part of the hand but the narrow side of the hand.


In one way, ambidextrous mice can be just as ergonomic as other mice designed and shaped to be held, or have the mirrored parts of the hand resting on them. Indeed, the added bonus of ambidextrous mice is that both hands can be used for mousing, one hand alternating with the other over time to offset any buildup of stress on either of the hands. What is key to remember about these mice, as with all other ergonomic products, is that only proper usage will ensure that one takes advantage of their designed features and benefits. Never assume how a mouse is to be used, especially ones with novel shapes or designs which are unfamiliar to you.


Featured New Product

DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse by City Ergonomics

DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse

The DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse from City Ergonomics is an ergonomic vertical mouse designed to enable the hand and wrist to adopt a relaxed vertical posture. Control of the mouse is achieved by using the small muscles and joints of the fingers as opposed to the larger muscle groups of the shoulder and arm. The fingertips provide far more sensitivity, control and feedback than the arm which is why they are more suited for finer, precise movements requiring greater dexterity such as mousing. The unique design is also ambidextrous, allowing the user to easily balance the workload between the left and right hand.

The DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse is ideal for those individuals who seek the precision and control afforded by a stylus, but in an ergonomic design which realizes that a pen and a mouse should not be designed with the same considerations.



For more information on the DXT Ergonomic Precision Mouse, see the Vertical Mice category in our online catalog.


Upcoming Events

HSE Canada 2011 in Toronto

HSE Canada 2011September 27th - 28th, 2011 - HSE Canada 2011 (Health, Safety, and Environment Canada 2011 Conference) in Toronto, Ontario at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre


ErgoCanada will be a Platinum Sponsor of this event, as well as Exhibiting in our 1500 square foot booth (30' x 50' - #319).

For VIP Coupon for HSE Canada 2011, click here.


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