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February 2008

In this issue...

  • Featured Product: Evoluent VerticalMouse 3
  • Featured Promo: Aviator Laptop Stand
  • New Products: Sit-Stand Industrial Stools and Foot Rests
  • Ergonomic Workstation Tip of the Month: Proper Seating Posture
  • Ergonomic Product Tip of the Month: Smart Cat Pro Touchpads
  • Customer Stories/Feedback

New Products

Sit-Stand Industrial Stools and Foot Rests from Lyon Now Available! is pleased to offer the practical sit-stand industrial stool and foot rests from Lyon Workspace. This sit stand chair offers 10" of infinite height adjustment through the patent-pending Lyon Gravity Lock System, featuring postive locking at the set height. An innovative base allows the chair to be positioned wherever you need it. The chair is extremely stable with four strong nylon anti-slip glides which provide stability on most flooring. The ergonomically formed padded polyurethane seat tilts forward up to 20° and swivels 16° in either direction and automatically returns to the center when released. The matte black tubular steel base is durable and looks professional in industrial and office settings. The AdjustaTilt foot rest provides easy and precise height and tilt adjustment for maximum support and comfort. The large 18" wide x 12" deep platform offers infinite tilt adjustment from 10° to 35°, and height adjustment from 3" to 16". The textured rubber matting is slip-resistant, and this rest has a durable tubular steel design with matte-black finish. A non-adjustable tilt version of this footrest is also available which has a fixed 10° platform and the same height adjustment. For more information on the Sit-Stand Stool, see the Sit-Stand Category in our online catalogue, and for more information on the Industrial Foot Rests, see the Foot Rests Category.

Ergonomic Workstation Tip of the Month

Sitting Properly at Your Workstation

You can alleviate many work-related stresses simply by learning to sit properly. Adjust the height of your chair to achieve proper posture - your thighs from the body should be close to parallel to the floor. Adjust the backrest of your chair to provide support for the lower back. proper sitting posture Proper posture can avoid strain on muscles and early fatigue and is achieved by 90 degree or higher angles at the hips and knees with feet supported by an angled footrest (the top of your thigh where it meets your body should be about 1" higher than the top of your thigh at the knee, and your ankle should be slightly further under the desk than your knee). Your chair should have three finger-widths of space behind your knees when seated properly with your back against the backrest to facilitate blood flow and prevent cramping. Arm rests (either on the chair or mounted on the worksurface) are useful as they will take the load from the weight of your arms off your shoulders, removing a source of bad posture to relieve the strain on shoulder and back muscles from supporting your arm weight.

Ergonomic Product Usage Tip of the Month

Using the Smart Cat Pro Touchpad

The problem with most mousing devices is that they require you to click buttons repetitively. Excessive clicking can lead to what is sometimes called 'trigger finger', that is, your finger continually hovers over the button in anticipation of the next click. Over time, this will fatigue the finger muscles. By using a touchpad like the Smart Cat Pro by Cirque, you no longer have to click at all. Instead, you can use zero-force taps on the touchpad itself, thus eliminating button clicking altogether.

Featured Product

Evoluent VerticalMouse 3

The VerticalMouse 3 is the third generation of the popular Evoluent mouse. A small flange was added along the bottom right edge to prevent the user's little finger from dragging on the desk. Also, the scroll wheel now has tactile detent positions. Vertical Mouse 3 ver.2 A new feature added to Revision 2 of this mouse allows the user to set the resolution to 2600, 1800, 1300 or 800 DPI using a button and indicator light on the underside of the mouse. This makes adjusting pointer speed easier and further improves tracking.

The VerticalMouse 3 is currently available in a right-handed model only, with a black housing and silver buttons.

See the VerticalMouse 3 in our online catalog.

Featured Promo of the Month

Aviator Laptop Stand

The Aviator Laptop Stand by Keynamics is a great product for anyone needing to use their laptops while travelling. It extends the laptop towards you and angles it to increase the height and improve the angle of the screen. This greatly inproves the comfort of using a laptop while flying - even when the seat in front of you is reclined! Aviator Laptop Stand When folded for transport it is only 12.62" x .5" x 3.35", and with the Aviator only weighing 250 grams, taking it everywhere you take your laptop is fast and convenient. This product works with all laptops and also elevates the laptop, improving airflow. The Aviator comes in white, black and a very dark grey (which is almost indistinguishable from the black model).

Regular Price: $25.00
Sale Price (While Quantities Last): $20.00

See the Aviator Laptop Stand in our online catalog.

Customer Stories/Feedback

"I just thought you would like to know how pleased I am with the Savant Elite Triple Action Foot Switch that I ordered. It’s really easy to program and the keys are perfectly “clicky”, just like you said they would be – not too stiff and not too mushy. After waiting for almost 10 years to find a programmable foot switch, this Savant Elite model was worth every penny. Thank you for your help with my purchase."


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