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Kinesis Maxim Adjustable Keyboard

The Maxim adjustable keyboard offers a more flexible, more comfortable design than regular keyboards. Accommodating a wide range of user preferences, it is simply the best adjustable keyboard at any price! Compatible with virtually any PC system.

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Ideal for situations where a cost-effective ergonomic solution is required with a minimal adaptation period. It is especially effective for a multi-user environment as this keyboard can be adjusted to be a conventional or 'natural' style keyboard with or without a palm support. If you have a fixed split ('natural' or 'wave') style keyboard and want to reduce the reach for the mouse, this is the ideal solution. If you are looking for a left handed version of a fixed split keyboard, add on the Kinesis Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad (AC210USB - see later on this page).

Removable Palm Supports on the Kinesis Maxim  Adjustable KeyboardFeatures:

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If you have Macromedia Flash, you can see the Maxim Adjustable Keyboard in Action. Click on the Image to start the animation and click on it again to stop the animation.

Summary of How the Embedded Numeric Keypad Functions (for discontinued KB200PSU series only)

Legending: The Navigation Keys are not legended but are supported as described below. The numeric keypad legends are on the top surface of the keycap, at the bottom right corner of the keycap (see picture at top of page).

To Activate the Numeric Keypad:

While holding down the Fn (Function) key, press the NumLock key (F12). The green light at the top right hand corner of the keyboard labeled Num Lock will turn on. Press and hold the the Fn (Function) key.
To Deactivate the Numeric Keypad: Press and release the NumLock key once while holding down the Fn (Function) key. The green light at the top right hand corner of the keyboard labeled Num Lock will turn off.
With NumLock On: If you press and hold the Fn (Function) key at the same time as NumLock is active, the numeric keypad will generate numbers.
With NumLock Off: Most computers will boot up with NumLock off, and in this case, the numeric keypad will perform its normal keyboarding functions.
To Get Numbers: Shift Access (Press Fn and Hold it Down When Num Lock is on)
To Get Navigation: Shift Access (Press Fn and Hold it Down When Num Lock is on)

Optional Discrete Numeric Keypad

The Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad connects via the USB port on your computer. An embedded 2 port USB hub allows you to plug your USB devices (including the Maxim keyboard or your USB pointing device) into the keypad, and then you have only 1 USB cable which needs to plug into your computer for all your input devices. A great productivity enhancement if you work with numbers!

Check out our Keypads section of the product catalog for more information on Numeric Keypads.


  • KB210USB - FCB - as above with French Canadian layout (see below)


Keyboard Layout Views

    KB210USB - view of standard QWERTY key layout for USB model with PS/2 adapter

    FRENCH CANADIAN LAYOUT (Model KB210USB-FCB) - view of Canadian Bilingual QWERTY key layout


    Recommended Method - Go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - Regional Settings - Languages. Click on the Details button - and select French (Canada) as your input language and then select Canadian French (---NOT CANADIAN MULTILINGUAL---) as your layout. This will enable the extra character sets as legended on the French Canadian model of the Maxim as above.

    This is the only reasonable ergonomic and practical way to access French characters on a regular basis. If you only occasionally need access to a French character, then you can easily set up a toggle in your taskbar (you click on the language of choice, EN for English or CF for Canadian French) which will toggle the layout from standard English to French (Canada). Using the ALT codes is a cumbersome way to generate special characters and is not recommended in general as it requires a complex combination keystroke, which many individuals choose to perform with one hand (which makes it even more of a risk factor when keyboarding).

    Click here to see a list of how to generate all the special characters when using the Canadian French layout.

    If you have a need for a number of special characters on a regular basis, from multiple languages, consider getting a programmable numeric keypad where these special characters can be directly assigned to a specific key.

    Alternative Not-Recommended Method (KB200 series (discontinued) only) - Ensure that the NumLock on your keyboard is on. If you then Press and Hold the 'Fn' Key, and Press and Hold the ALT key, then type the appropriate ALT code on the embedded numeric keypad (not the numbers across the top of the keyboard), i.e. 130 and then release all the keys, you will get the appropriate character (i.e. in this case e with accent aigu)


    Méthode Recommandée - Vont Commencer - Des Arrangements - Panneau de Commande - Arrangements Régionaux - Les Langues - Détails - et les Français choisis (Canada) en tant que votre langue d'entrée et choisissent alors le français canadien (---MULTILINGUE NON CANADIEN---) en tant que votre disposition. Ceci permettra les jeux de caractères supplémentaires comme legended sur le modèle canadien français de la Maxim comme ci-dessus.
    C'est la seule manière ergonomique et pratique raisonnable d'accéder aux caractères français de façon régulière. Si vous avez besoin seulement de temps en temps de l'accès à un caractère français, alors vous pouvez facilement installer un cabillot dans votre taskbar (vous cliquez sur la langue du choix, l'en pour l'anglais ou les CF pour le Français canadien) qui basculera la disposition de bilingue anglais-français standard. Employer les codes d'alt est une manière encombrante de produire des caractères spéciaux et n'est pas recommandé en général car il exige une frappe complexe de combinaison, que beaucoup d'individus choisissent d'exécuter avec une main (qui la fait encore plus d'un facteur de risque en introduisant au clavier).

    Cliquez ici pour voir une liste de la façon produire de tous les caractères spéciaux en utilisant la disposition de Français canadien.

    Si vous avez un besoin d'un certain nombre de caractères spéciaux de façon régulière, des langues multiples, considérez obtenir un bloc de touches numérique programmable où ces caractères spéciaux peuvent être directement assignés à une clef spécifique.

    Méthode Non Recommandée (KB200 seulment) - Assurez-vous que le NumLock sur votre clavier est allumé. Si vous alors appuyez sur et tenez la touche de 'Fn ', et serrez et tenez la touche ALT, dactylographiez alors le code approprié d'alt sur le bloc de touches numérique incorporé (pas les nombres à travers le dessus du clavier), i.e. 130 et libérez alors toutes les clefs, vous obtiendra le caractère approprié (c.-à-d. dans ce cas-ci e avec l'aigu d'accent)

Technical Specifications

Available Models

Width: 15.1" with 0 opening angle selected. Maximum width is 19.0" when fully separated.
1" with 0 lateral tilt selected. Maximum required clearance is 3.5" if fully elevated.
Depth: 6.5" with palm supports removed. Depth is 10.3" with palm supports attached.
Weight: 2.75 lbs
Keyforce: 52 grams
Keyswitches: High quality quiet tactile membrane, rated at 10 million keystrokes
Warranty: 2 year limited


KB210USB - USB Interface with PS/2 Adapter, no embedded numeric keypad

KB210USB-FCB - USB Interface with PS/2 Adapter - French Canadian Bilingual Legends, no embedded numeric keypad


KB200PSU / KB200PSU-FCB - PS/2 Interface with USB Adapter, embedded numeric keypad


  • User's Manual
  • Self-adhesive Silver Palm Pads (one Pair)


  • Two Year Limited Warranty



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