Reviews and Awards for the Maxim Adjustable Keyboard by Kinesis

Editor's Choice Award - 2004

"The Kinesis Maxim Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard is one of the most transformable ergonomic keyboards on the market."

"...typing feels more like a pleasure than an obligation. If you're finicky about your input device, we've found your ideal match...This keyboard wins our Editors' Choice for its flexibility and comfort."

Reprinted from PC Magazine, February 3, 2004
Copyright (c) 2004, Ziff Davis Media

Editor Rating: Five Stars!

"The Kinesis Maxim Keyboard's split design and full customization options make it an excellent device. The keyboard's two halves can be set to a variety of angles and will therefore feel comfortable to anyone. Each side of the keyboard has an angled wrist rest, which can be covered with the soft adhesive fabric panels provided or removed altogether. The keyboard is especially compact, since it doesn't have a separate number pad at the right. This lets the mouse sit closer, so the right hand doesn't have to reach as far..."

Reprinted from PC Magazine, The Comfort Zone March 12, 2002
Copyright (c) 2002, Ziff Davis Media

Reviewed by Deborah Quilter

Recommended: Kinesis Maxim
"...The keyboard's action is soft,
installing and adjusting the keyboard is easy, and the manual is concise and clear..."

Reprinted from Computer Currents, December 8, 1998
Copyright (c) 1998, Bay Area Computer Currents

Award winning design from RSI testing lab...

"We give the Kinesis Maxim keyboard 5 out of 5 stars...Anyone who suffers from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or types for long periods of time should, no MUST use this product at all times..."

Gerald Keil
President's RSI FAQ's
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Reviewed by David Haskin, Computer Shopper:

"...we found that the Maxim let us place
our hands on the keyboard at a more comfortable angle than we've experienced before, causing virtually no stress on
our wrists. It also spread out our shoulders so we were less hunched over while typing, lessening muscle tension in our neck."

Reprinted from Computer Shopper March 1998
Copyright (c) 1998 Ziff Davis

Reviewed by Blaine Flamig

"'ll find the Maxim is a uniqely designed, ergonomic model that goes to just about any length possible to make you feel more comfortable while typing....

...within a short time, our hand and arm positions felt noticeably more relaxed and we were typing at nearly full speed....We appreciated the placement of the Maxim's arrow keys near the bottom of the keyboard, as well as the dedicated right and left Windows keys and Application key along the left-hand side..."

Reprinted from PC Today & Processor, November 1998
Copyright (c) 1998