Logo Keyboard Keyforce / Travel Comparison Study conducted by Keytronics Reliability Laboratory

Key Force / Travel Comparison Study


Summary: Average Maximum Force of the Maxim keyboard is approximately 5% less than the Microsoft Natural or Goldtouch. Secondary curve of the Maxim provides for more tactility reducing the chance of "bottoming out".


Note: Graphs are a representative profile of a typical key. Testing conducted by Keytronics, an independent laboratory. Additonal information available upon request.


All samples were measured with an Itronic-Fuchs force/displacement tester. The following ten keys were measured on each sample: H, Y, B, 6, N, End, Home, Esc, PageUp, Delete. All keys were exercised to full travel 20 times prior to measurement. The probe tip was a 1/8" radius, round made from ABS plastic. The probe speed was .8 mm/sec. The probe was located over the geometric center of the keycap touch area and aligned to the direction of key travel. A maximum force of 135 grams was applied to all keys during the measurement.

Kinesis Maxim Keyboard

Average Maximum Force = 51.7 grams
Average Fire Force = 35.5 grams
Fire Point = 0.099 inch

Maxim Keyforce Graph

Goldtouch Keyboard

Average Maximum Force = 54.0 grams
Average Fire Force = 44.7 grams
Fire Point = 0.098 inch

Goldtouch Keyforce Graph

Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard

Average Maximum Force = 54.2 grams
Average Fire Force = 34.0 grams
Fire Point = 0.104 inch

Microsoft Keyforce Graph


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