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Greyston Digital BigKeys LX Keyboard

The keys on this keyboard are 1" square - four times larger than standard keys. The keys are available in black and white for adults with advanced keyboard needs who require large keys in order to locate and operate a keyboard, or colour for children or adults who would benefit from the large, brightly coloured keys. The QWERTY key layout accomodates those who are accustomed to the key order on a standard QWERTY keyboard.



  • BKLX Series - PC compatible for DOS, Windows 3.1 and higher, NT and is compatible with 386, 486 and Pentium computers (PS/2 interface)

    ***You may use a Big Keys LX Keyboard on a Macintosh (or PC) computer's USB port by using the BigKeys PS/2 - USB adapter accessory (not Generic Adapters, see below).

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH): 19" x 7" x 1"
2.5 lbs
Number of Keys: 60 oversized keys (each key is extra large - 0.75" square)
Key Pitch: 25.4 mm (oversized)
Key Switch: Mechanical tested to over 10 million strokes
Key Caps: High-impact, injection-molded ABS case and keycaps with wear-resistant UV coated keycap printing



  • One Year Replacement Warranty

Available Models

NOTE: All QWERTY models can be converted to ABC and vice versa.

(click to enlarge)
- PS/2 Interface (White lettering on Black keycaps, QWERTY)
BKLX-BA - PS/2 Interface (White lettering on Black keycaps, ABC)

BKLX-CQ - PS/2 Interface (Black lettering on Coloured keycaps, QWERTY)

PS/2 Interface (Black lettering on Coloured keycaps, ABC)

(click to enlarge)
PS/2 Interface (Black lettering on White keycaps, QWERTY)

(click to enlarge)
PS/2 Interface (Black lettering on White keycaps, ABC)

Optional Accessories

Protective Skin for BigKeys LX (Part Number BK-SKIN)

Made from Ultraflex, the Keyboard Skin is an ultrasoft polymer skin that fits snugly over the BigKeys keys.

The Skin protects your BigKeys keyboard from dust, moisture and liquids without changing the feel of the keyboard.


Rigid Keyguards for BigKeys (Part Number BK-GUARD)

BigKeys Keyguards are made of clear, rigid, break resistant plastic.

The keyguard attaches easily to your BigKeys keyboard and helps to stabilize fingers on the right key while minimizing errors. Allows the user to rest hands over the keys.

BigKeys to USB Single Port Adapter (PS2-to-USB) (Part Number USB-BK)

This PS2-to-USB single port adapter is custom designed specifically to convert a BigKeys keyboard to a USB port. The adapter accommodates the special BigKeys "no run-on" feature, which is defeated by use of a generic USB adapter. For Windows 98 (& newer) operating systems. Also for iMac or other USB-enabled Mac computers.

NOTE: Standard adapters will not permit the BigKeys Keyboard to function properly (click here for an explanation).

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you are ordering this adapter for an older BigKeys keyboard that you already own: this adapter is only for use with BigKeys manufactured in 2004 or later. Check that your BigKeys has a Serial Number ending in 04 or greater. (SN xx04 means manufactured in 2004).


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