Salli Sit Stand Chairs

The Salli Saddle Chair for Occasional Use Work Environments

For Productive and Comfortable Workdays!

The Salli Saddle Chair is the end result of comprehensive product development and will introduce you to a new level of comfort and productivity in the office. This chair eases all the tension, aches and pains in the muscles associated with traditional sitting and provides an excellent solution for the worker who is only seated at the workstation for brief periods of time.

Grant your back a favour and get the original back reliever, the Salli Saddle Chair. With its ergonomically correct design the Salli Saddle Chair offers:

  • COMFORT - unparalleled comfort whether you are seated for a short or long period of time
  • RELAXING - soothes backaches
  • PROACTIVE - improves posture and strengthens the back muscles
  • HEALTHY - increases blood circulation in your legs
  • EASY TO USE - turns lightly, is quick to move
  • REJUVENATING - keeps you energetic

The Salli Saddle Chair - Design History

Development of the Salli started in 1989, due to the lack of a comfortable and back friendly chair on the market. In cooperation with experts on back physiology, Salli applied the latest knowledge in ergonomics to create a physiologically optimal chair for demanding long term work.

After years of wide-ranging and intensive development and hundreds of tests the Salli Saddle Chair was born. Thousands of satisfied customers are proof that Salli achieved what it set out to do. In addition, feedback from many disciplines relating to ergonomics and a wide range of healthcare experts confirm that Salli's design is not only innovative, but proven to be effective.

Sitting on a Salli Allows You to be Relaxed and Well-Balanced

The new sitting posture developed by Salli's back experts will markedly improve your productivity and reduce your stress level.

Soothes Your Back and Shoulder Aches

On a Salli Saddle Chair the strongly declining position of the upper legs adjusts the hip forward and curves the lower back into a position which is anatomically sound. This in turn straightens the upper back, leading to a generally improved back posture and significantly reduced tension in the back muscles and spine.

The picture at left shows a balanced and relaxed saddle stance. The picture at right shows the same user in a regular steno chair, which makes her 'hunched over' and tense.

The Salli Saddle Chair… the true original 'back saver'. Why settle for less?

Strengthens the back and improves your posture

This new sitting stance stimulates and strengthens the back muscles. Your posture will gradually correct itself as your strengthening muscles take to the new position.

Improves Blood Circulation in Your Legs

On a Salli Chair there is no edge pressing against your upper leg, and your buttocks and leg muscles do not get flattened. The combination of having the angle between the thigh and the calf (upper and lower portion of your legs) being much wider than normal and the active use of your legs accelerating your metabolism results in your legs feeling normal instead of numb.

The picture at the righ shows the traditional, problematic sitting position. Compare this with the relaxed, well-balanced stance on a Salli, and you will notice an obvious difference. SALLI seats you well…

Reaching Out and Moving Is Easy and Safe On This Chair

As the Salli enables your legs to move at its sides, turning, moving and reaching out for things becomes quick and safe, the chair does not hinder the natural movements of the body.

It Is Easy To Sit Down and Get Up On This Chair

You sit higher than in a regular chair, and there is no backrest to get in your way. So sitting down and getting up without using your hands is really easy and quick. This makes this chair ideal for people who are only seated for brief periods of time and have to be able to be mobile.

Salli Helps To Stay Active

The good posture and relaxed stance as well as the unimpeded circulation in your legs are an effective method of reducing fatigue and exhaustion.


On the whole, your improved health and fitness as well as the excellent mobility of the chair will markedly improve your productivity.

Thousands of happy users all over the world have already found in Salli a radically better sitting solution.



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