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The Perfit Mouse Optical from Contour Design is an ergonomic mouse designed for workstations that require above average clicking or cursor movement. The contoured shape of the PMO ‘perfectly fits’ your hand, no matter what size it is or whether you are right- or left-handed. This ‘perfectly fitted’ mouse allows the hand to easily control the basic functions of the mouse while reducing any fatigue that would otherwise result from constantly using a uniformly shaped or ambidextrous mouse. With the PMO, the mouse is meant to perfectly fit your hand, not your hand the mouse. This design principle is just good ergonomics put to effective use.

Highlights include:

Ergonomic Benefits


Perfit Mouse Optical XL right hand with scroll wheel

Product Image #1

Perfit Mouse Optical M right hand without scroll wheel

Product Image #2

Perfit Mouse Optical (variety shown) with scroll wheels

Product Image #3

Perfit Mouse Optical (view from front)

Product Image #3

Perfit Mouse Optical (view from side)

Product Image #3

Perfit Mouse Optical (view from side)

Product Image #3

Perfit Mouse Optical (view from side)

Product Image #3



Reasons to Choose the PMO over the CMO Easier to slide your hand between Mode 1 and Mode 2 usage, easier to clean / sanitize.
Reasons to Choose the CMO over the PMO Less likely to slip your hand back off the mouse by accident and be forced to 'grip' the mouse, less potential for grip force


Flash animation of features and benefits of the Perfit Mouse Optical View animation here

Ergonomic Research on the Contour Perfit Mouse

April 1, 2000 US West study of the Contour Perfit Mouse reveals a 48% reduction in pain after 3 weeks of use. - Click here to read the Presentation of Preliminary Data from IIE Applied Ergo Conf.
March 14, 2000 3rd Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference US West study compares the ergonomic benefits of the Contour Perfit Mouse to a Cirque Touch pad and Logitech Mouse in Call Centers presented at IIE conference. - Click here for more...
1998 10 Different Devices are evaluated including touchpads, trackballs and mice. - Click here to download a Major Semi-conductor Manufacturer Study.
1997 Contour Success Story in Silicon Valley Chevron, Silicon Graphics & EORM get Pro-Active with the Contour Perfit Mouse in their ergonomics programs - Click here for the entire story
1996 ISO 9241-9 Ergonomic Testing The following is an exerpt from the Study done by Global Ergonomic Testing, comparing the Contour Mouse with the popular Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse. "...significantly less muscle effort and postural deviation from neutral occurred with the Contour mouse. In addition, the Contour mouse was significantly more positively rated for ease of use, comfort, and design."Click here to download a condensed version of the report.


Dimensions Small: 5.25" (W) x 2.75" (D) x 1.25" (H)
Medium: 5.75" (W) x 3.0" (D) x 1.5" (H)
Large: 6.0" (W) x 3.25" (D) x 1.5" (H)
Extra-Large: 6.5" (W) x 3.5" (D) x 1.5" (H)
Cord length 73.0"
Colour Mouse housing in white; scroll wheel and rocker switch: orange for small, red for medium, blue for large, and green for extra-large (right hand only).
Hand Sizes

Small: under 6.75" (17 cm)
Medium: 6.75" - 7.5" (17 - 19 cm)
Large: 7.5" - 8.25" (19 - 21 cm)
Extra-Large: 8.25" and above

See size key chart to determine which size will fit you best.

Drivers Yes, for Max OS X and Windows XP.
Warranty 1 year


PMO(5)-S-R Perfit Mouse Optical small right-handed with (or without) scroll wheel
PMO(5)-M-R Perfit Mouse Optical mediuml right-handed with (or without) scroll wheel
PMO(5)-L-R Perfit Mouse Optical large right-handed with (or without) scroll wheel
PMO(5)-XL-R Perfit Mouse Optical extra-large right-handed with (or without) scroll wheel
PMO(5)-S-L Perfit Mouse Optical small left-handed with (or without) scroll wheel
PMO(5)-M-L Perfit Mouse Optical medium left-handed with (or without) scroll wheel
PMO(5)-L-L Perfit Mouse Optical large left-handed with (or without) scroll wheel

System Requirements

Find your computer connection:


  • Find out what port you will use to connect your PMO or PMO5 to your computer. Refer to these tables if you're not sure what connections are available on your system.
  • If your computer has a USB port, we strongly recommend you use the native USB connection on your PMO or PMO5 rather than using the optional PS/2 adapter which is only available by special request.
  • Contour mice work with the operating system's (OS) built-in drivers on all of the ports shown.
  • Contour Design provides drivers with additional features for each of the OS/port combinations highlighted.

What's In The Box?

Included in the box are:


  • PMO mouse
  • CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • plastic cord manager (adhesive)


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