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Picture of Traxsys Joystick Roller Plus

The Joystick Plus has been specifically designed to improve computer access where the user may have difficulties with a conventional mouse. This robust unit has many special features including a speed control key, latching drag switch and buttons that allow only up/down or left/right movements of the cursor. This mouse alternative is ideal for users with motor-skill difficulties.




  • Windows compatible
  • Macintosh compatible
  • USB with PS/2 adapter

Technical Specifications

Accessories Included

Width: 13.4 cm
Length: 21.5 cm
Height: 11.0 cm
Colour: Grey
Case: ABS
Joystick: Dual Access P+G JC2000
Cable: 2 m; white PVC sheath
Supply: +5V DC +/- 5% @ 150 mA

  • SoftKnob (Yellow)
  • T-bar (Black)
  • Slim Joystick
  • Perspex Keyguard
  • Operating instructions
  • PS/2 Adapter



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