FingerWorks iGesture Pad Mouse / Touchpad - Detailed Specification Sheet


Picture of FingerWorks iGesture Mini Keyboard with Embedded Mouse Solution

The iGesture Pad is a mouse enhancement and replacement which offers you more functionality and customizability than any other pointing device available on the market today!

The iGesture Pad is an ultra-thin, large-area, superduper touchpad that is both mouse and powerful multi-finger gesture input interface. Mouse operations like point, click, drag, scroll, and zoom are combined seamlessly with multi-finger gesture in the same overlapping area of the iGesture Pad's surface. The iGesture Pad gives you unprecedented control of graphical objects using gestures, and it works equally well with either hand. Anyone can learn the basic gestures in a few minutes! Slips easily into your travel bag as the perfect external USB mouse/gesture interface for your laptop.

Click here to review the complete Gesture Guide.



Macintosh, Windows and Linux systems must have

  • One spare USB port on computer or on an externally-powered USB hub. Current MultiTouch devices can not be connected to USB hubs that do not have an external power supply. This includes USB ports on Mac keyboards.
  • WINDOWS USERS - Windows 98, 98ME, 2000, or XP
  • LINUX USERS - Kernel 2.4.3 or higher - the higher the better
  • MAC USERS - OS 9 or OS X

  • Input force: 0
  • Gesture set: Full single hand (left or right, auto detect)
  • Surface inclination: 0 degrees
  • Multi-Touch Active area: 6.25" by 5"
  • Outer Unit Dimensions: 7.1" x 5.5" x 0.31"
  • Interface: USB
  • Interface cable: 5 foot
  • Driver: Standard Mouse and Keyboard
  • Power: 150 mA (max)



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