Product Usage and Suitability Service

From your initial communication with ErgoCanada, our mission is to provide potential customers with objective information and product analysis and ask the 'right' questions of customers in order to help identify the ergonomic product (if any) which has the best chance of meeting the expectations of each customer.  Our entire staff from the front-line Customer Service Specialists to the members of the more experienced Product Specialist Team are here to ensure that all product features - whether they are positive, negative or neutral - are presented accurately and devoid of unfounded manufacturer claims.  Drawing upon our anecdotal experience with literally tens of thousands of product deployments over the years has allowed us to filter out perceived ergonomic features from actual ergonomic benefits.  This consultation is provided free of charge to all customers in order to assist them with any potential product selection.

If you are seeking a full ergonomic assessment, please refer to our EPL Service.

Ergonomics Professional Locator (EPL) Service

It can sometimes be difficult to find a consultant in ergonomics and human factors, especially one who is qualified and available in your geographic area. This is why we offer our Ergonomics Professional Locator (EPL) service free of charge to our visitors. The EPL is a listing of Occupational Therapists, Ergonomists, Kinesiologists, and Physical Therapists broken down by region. It provides you with contact information and a list of the qualifications of the individual. This is a good starting place for finding a consultant who is right for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is provided as a courtesy to visitors to our site. We do not specifically recommend any individual, organization or company listed in this service - we simply provide a resource which allows entities who offer assessments, return to work evaluations and other services to provide their contact information and credentials to interested visitors.

If you are a consultant and wish to be listed in our directory, please email us.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Service

Most of our products come with a 30 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, less a handling charge of the greater of $5 or 10% of the value of the product.  This is to allow our customers the opportunity to properly determine whether any given product will work for them, as trying it out for an hour, a day or even a week will typically not be long enough to realize the full benefits of the product and assess whether it has a net positive or negative impact on the user.  For more information on our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, click here.

Warranty Service

If you feel your product is defective, please contact us by our toll-free phone number at 1 (866) 335-3746 (ERGO) and one of our technical support staff will contact you concerning your issue so that we can attempt to troubleshoot the problem remotely.  If the product is defective, we will advise you of the correct procedure with the specific manufacturer.  For more information on our Warranty Service, click here

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