British Columbia

Ergonomics Professionals are listed alphabetically by city.



Company: Neil Squire Solutions

Contact: Katrina Tilley
Phone: (604) 473-9363
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Computer and Assistive Technology Assessments, Ergonomic Work Station Assessments, Worksite Modifications, Individualized Ergonomic Equipment Evaluations, Personalized Computer and Technical Systems Training, Home Evaluations, Client Case Management, Educational Workshops (Assistive Technology).


Company: Robinson Ergonomics Inc.

Contact: Dan Robinson, Ph.D.(CCPE)
Phone: (604) 945-3723
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomics Assessments, Ergonomics Education and Training.


Company: Human Factor West Ergonomics and Safety Consulting Inc.

Contact: Suzanne Jackson, MSc. Human Factors, BSc. Kinesiology, CCPE, CRSP
Phone: (888) 550-5562 Cell: (250) 319-0975
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Human Performance and Ergonomics Consulting (office and non-office), Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders, Human-Centred Design of Workspaces.

North Vancouver

Company: Boniface Consulting

Contact: Giovanna Boniface, OT
Address: 2915 Panorama Dr. North Vancouver, BC V7G 2E9
Phone: (604) 765-9605

Areas of Specialization: Job Site Ergonomics Evaluation, Worksite Modification, Return to Work Planning and General Ergonomic Consultation.

Company: FORME Ergonomics and Workplace Health Inc.

Contact: Carmel Murphy
Address: 4365 Dollar Road,  North Vancouver, BC V7G 1B2
Phone: (778) 838-4096
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomics Consulting, Ergonomics Program Facilitation, Job Demands Analysis, Return to Work Facilitation.

Prince George

Company: Active Balance Fitness and Rehabilitation

Contact: Lynda Foreman
Address: Box 22078 - Pine Center, Prince George, BC V2N 3G1
Phone: (250) 961-4113
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Functional Capacity Evaluations, Office Ergonomics, Return to Work Coordination.


Company: Re:Function Health Services

Contact: Phil Towsley
Address: #148 - 21300 Gordon Way, Richmond, BC V6W 1J8
Phone: (604) 233-2210
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomic Office Assessments, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Return to Work Support Services, Community Rehabilitation.


Company: Community Therapists

Contact: Tasha Tonsoo, Referral Coordinator
Address: #201 – 3997 Henning Drive Burnaby, BC V5C 6N5
Phone: (604) 681-9293 ext. 153
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Personal Computer Adaptations, Seating Systems, Height Adjustable Workstations, Diagnosis Specific Ergonomic Risk Factor Analysis, Ergonomic Worksite Modifications, Individualized Equipment Assessments, Job Demands Analysis, Risk Control Strategy Implementation, Worker Education, Stayfit Education Class (employee fitness), Fitness Appraisal, Disability Case Management, File Review.

Company: ErgoFit

Contact: Emma Christensen, BSc(OT), BSc (Kines)
Address:#862 - 6th Ave. W., Vancouver, BC  V5Z 1A6
Phone:(604) 817-1608

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomics Assessments, Return to Work, Disability Management, Early Intervention/Prevention, Education Workshops.

Company: Ergo-Motion

Contact: Steve Grimmett
Address: #207 - 1425 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC  V7T 1B9
Phone: (604) 248-5918
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomic Services.

Company: ErgoRisk Management Group

Contact Mandy Gallant, BScPT., BEd, CPE, CCPE
Address: #4669 - 8th Ave. W., Vancouver, B.C. V6R 2A6
Phone: (604) 374-6346 
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Office and Industrial Ergonomics Consulting and Assessments, Job Demands Analyses, Return to Work Assistance, Ergonomic Worksite Modification.

Company: Ergo Solve

Contact: Eddie Everett, MSc Tech (Ergonomics), BSc, OT
Address: 2653 Eton Street, East Vancouver, BC V5K-1J9
Phone: (604) 612-3650 
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics, Design and Technology, Workspace Design, Surface Electromyography (continuous measurement of muscle activity during work activities) and Electro-goniometry (continuous wrist, elbow and shoulder range of motion during work activities), Postural Analysis, Human Digital Imaging, Return to Work Coordination, Ergonomic Risk Management, Safety Risk Management and Medical Legal Consultation.

Company: Martin Disability Management Services

Contact: Cindy Martin, BSc (Kin), CK, RRP, CCRC
Address: #131 - 255 Newport Drive, Port Moody, B.C. V3H 5H1
Phone: (604) 469-5444

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics - Assessments and Training, Early Intervention and Disability Management, Physical Demands Analysis.

Company: OT Consulting / Treatment Services Ltd.

Contact: Irene Chappell
Address: #210 - 3438 Lougheed Hwy, Vancouver, BC, V5M 2A4
Phone: (604) 215-3660
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomics, Assessments, Modifications, Ergonomics Training and Educational Programs, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Return to Work Services.

Company: Symmetrix Exercise and Rehab Specialists

Contact: Sheron Stone
Address: #105 - 1238 Seymour St. Vancouver, BC V6B 6J3
Phone: (604) 682-6765
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Office Ergonomic Assessments, Office Ergonomic Training (Train the Trainer), Exercise Testing, Injury Rehabilitation.

Company: WorkSMART Ergonomics Ltd.

Contact: Mike Harnett
Phone: (604) 568-4615 Toll-Free: (888) 568-4615
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Office, Industrial, Field, Vehicle and Ergonomic Assessments, Injury Prevention Training, Physical Demands and Job Demands Analysis, Ergonomics Program Development and Audits, Shift Work and Fatigue Management Programming and Training.


Company: Island Assessment Services Inc.

Contact: Gregory Jackson, Occupational Therapist (BScOT 92)
Address: #18 – 6782 Veyaness Road, Victoria, BC V8M 2C2
Phone: (250) 652-6464
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization: Ergonomic Assessments and Education, On-site Assessments, Ergonomic Risk Analysis, Physical Demands Analysis, Equipment Recommendations and Modifications, Body Mechanics Assessments and Training, Medico-Legal Functional and Work Capacity Evaluations, Expert Witness to WCAT and CPP Appeal Boards the Supreme Court of BC.

Company: New Vitality

Contact: Erin Lee, BSc. Kinesiology
Phone: (250) 896-5578
Web Site:

Areas of Specialization:Office Ergonomics, Safe Patient Handling Programs (Health Care), Yoga for Office Workers, Wellness Programming.

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