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Thanks to all who attended our first ever product Road Show which was held in Calgary in the Sovereign Room at the International Hotel and Suites on September 12th, 2007. Here are some pictures from the event ...

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Lorna Friesen of Brennan Associates - Won an Innovative Office Products 7-Flex LCD Articulating Arm

Ann-Marie Adams of Sykes Assistance Services - Won a 2-pack of Grandee No-Grip Ring Pens

Heather Thompson of Petro-Canada - Won a Contour Design RollerMouse PRO

Steve Donnelly of the Calgary Public Library - Won a Kinesis Freestyle Solo Keyboard

What did we bring to the Road Show?


Manufacturer Product
3M Renaissance Vertical Mouse (Formerly Dr. Mouse and Anir Vertical Mouse)
Active Release Techniques Zero Tension Mouse (ZTM-M-BLK, ZTM-L-BLU)
AIData Executive Phone Arm (TA001B), Gel Mouse Station (GL005K), Flip and Find Document System (FDS005)
BakkerElkhuizen Ergo T-340 Laptop Stand (BNET340), Port Replicator Module Accessory (PRM-340), Adjustable FlexDesk Writing Surface (BNEFDESK-A)
Cirque Corporation Smart Cat Touchpad (GP410U-5011), Smart Cat PRO Touchpad (GP415U-5321)
Clearly Superior Technologies PC-Trac Black Trackball (CST-1550)
Contour Design Perfit Mouse Optical (PMO series), RollerMouse PRO (RM-PRO-BLK), UniTray (UT-ICE)
Dainoff by Design Atlas Standard BookHolder (AT-STD-BIR)
Dexterity Platforms Dexterity Teardrop Platform (DP-TD)
DSI Compact Keyboard (SMK85U-SIIL-SM), GoogolBoard (GB-Color), GoogolPad (GB-EZ)
ErgoCanada Articulating Forearm Gel Forearm Support (EAS-STD)
Evoluent Right Handed VerticalMouse3 (VM3R2-RSB), Left Handed VerticalMouse2 (VM2-LSB), Mouse-Friendly Left-Handed Compact Keyboard (KB1-SB), PostureRight Wrist Support (WS1-B)
Garner Industries Raise-Its (RI-CLR)
Goldtouch Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard for Mac (GTU-MACW)
GoodUse Company Standard Microdesk Writing Surface and Book/Document Holder (MD-STD)
Grandee ErgoClick (EC), No-Grip Ring Pen (RP)
Innovative Office Products Deluxe LCD Monitor Mount with Internal Cable Management (7500-1000-119I)
Keynamics Aviator Laptop Stand (AV-BLK)
Indus-Tool Cozy Legs (Radiant Heat Panels), Cozy Rest (Heated Carpeted Foot Rest), Cozy FootWarmer (Heated Water Resistant Mat)
Kinesis Corporation Advantage Pro Contoured Keyboard (KB510USB-G-MET), Freestyle Solo Convertible Keyboard (KB700PB-US, KB700PB-FC), Freestyle VIP Accessory (AC720-BLK), Freestyle Incline Accessory (AC710-BLK), Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad (AC210USB-BLK), Savant Triple Action Programmable Footswitch (FS30A-USB-ULG), Single Action Footswitch Accessory for Contoured Keyboards (FS005-RJ11)
Matias Corporation Optimizer Keyboard (FK201), Section 508 One Handed Keyboard (FK508)
MTM Products Levo Desktop Bookholder Stand (DBH)
Naturalpoint smartNAV3 AT Hands-Free Mousing System (SN3-AT)
Perific Perific Wireless Dual Mouse (Perific-WL)
P.I. Engineering X-Keys Programmable Stick (XKS-79-USB-R), X-Keys Desktop 20 Key (XD-03-USB)
Safetype Safetype Fixed Vertical Split Keyboard (V801)
SK Mini-Keyboard (SK595UW), Scissor-Switch Membrane Compact Keyboard (SK3300UH), Compact Financial Keyboard (SK700UB)
SmartMotion Technologies SwingSeat Pro Manager's Chair (MB-STD)
Sun-Flex ErgoStretch Footrest (ES)


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