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This is the list of products we will have at our booth at the IAPA conference in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) April 26th through 28th, 2004. Pictures from the event will be posted.

Booth #1129 and 1130 - ErgoCanada.com (a division of Micwil Computer Consulting)



Active Release Techniques Zero Tension Vertical Mouse (Medium and Large)
Adesso Wintouch Combo Keyboard with Cirque Touchpad (WKB-120), Truform Combo Keyboard with Cirque Touchpad (PCK-308T),
Bakker-Elkhuizen Ergo-Q2 Portable Laptop Station
Balance Systems International Flextend Therapeutic Glove
Better Hands Corporation Thermal Glove, Secure Grip Glove, SofBrace GripRest Therapeutic Brace
Cherry Compact Keyboard with mechanical keyswitches (G84-4100PPMUS), Numeric Keypad (G84-4700PPBUS)
Cirque Corporation Easy Cat Touchpad, Power Cat Touchpad, Smart Cat Touchpad, Cruise Cat Touchpad
Clearly Superior Technologies PC-Track Trackball, MicroTrack Mini-Trackball, MaxTrack Clear Blue Trackball
Comfort Keyboards Comfort Keyboard System Adjustable Keyboard, ErgoFlex Separated Keyboard, ErgoMagic Separated Keyboard
Commodio QPointer VoiceMouse software
Contour Design Perfit Mouse Optical Contoured Mice, Roller Bar Mousing Station, ChArm Gel Chair Arm and Elbow Support, ErgoDetach Fixed Split Keyboard with Removable Wrist Rest
Cozy Industrial FootWarmer, Cozy Legs Radiant Heat Panel and Stand
Dain-Elec Anti-Bacterial Flexible Waterproof keyboard
DataDesk Technologies TrackBoard Combo Keyboard with Trackball (UPC3000), Lil Big Board Compact Keyboard (UPC4000), TouchBoard Combo Keyboard with Cirque Touchpad (UTP3000)
Datalux Corporation SpaceSaver Desktop Keyboard with Cirque Touchpad, SpaceSaver Tray Keyboard, Skins for both keyboards
Designer Appliances Quill Vertical Mouse (Right Handed), Quill Vertical Mouse (Left Handed), Nib Software
DSI Left Handed Keyboards (both mirrored and non-mirrored) (LHD-PS2 or USB), Compact Mechanical Keyswitch keyboard with full size keys (SMK85), Super Compact High Quality Mechanical Keyswitch Keyboard (DFK65U), Financial Interchangeable keyboard with integrated touchpad (SMK101), Large Key Keyboard with 1" keys
ErgoRest ErgoRest Forearm Rests (330-013, 330-016), ErgoRest Mouse Tray / Pad (3500)
ErgoSpace Launchpad, Palmglider
Evoluent Evoluent Vertical Mouse (EVOL-1)
Fingerworks IGesture Mini One Handed Zero Force Keyboard and Mousing / Gesture input device, IGesture Zero Force NumPad Numeric Keypad and Mousing / Gesture input device, TouchStream LP Zero Force Keyboard and Mousing / Gesture input device
Goldtouch Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard
Grandee No-Grip Ring Pen, New Prototype of Exciting Product
Indus-Tool Cozy Legs (Radiant Heat Panels), Cozy Rest (Heated Carpeted Foot Rest), Cozy FootWarmer (Heated Water Resistant Mat)
Kensington Expert Mouse Optical Trackball, Expert Mouse Pro Wireless Trackball, Orbit Mouse Optical Trackball, Turboball Trackball, Turboring Trackball, ComfortType Keyboard
Kinesis Corporation Advantage Pro Contoured Keyboard, Classic Contoured Keyboard, Maxim Adjustable Keyboard, Maxim USB Numeric Keypad, Savant Triple Action Footswitch, Single Action Footswitch, Savant 20 Key Programmable Relegendable Numeric Keypad
Laidback We "R" Laptop Laidback Portable Laptop Workstation
Logitech TrackMan Marble Wheel Mouse, Marble Mouse Trackball, TrackMan Optical Cordless Mouse
Naturalpoint Smart Nav Hands-Free Mousing System, various switch input devices including plate, membrane, treadle, cap switch, footswitch, microlight, etc.
Safetype Safetype Fixed Vertical Split Keyboard
Salli Salli MultiAdjuster Sit Stand Chair
Sejin Compact SpaceTrack Combo Keyboard with Centrally Positioned Trackball, Black Left Handed Keyboard
SK Compact-Touch Combo Compact Keyboard with Touchpad in Wrist Rest (SK540), VaraPoint Combo Compact Keyboard with VaraPoint Pointing Device (SK582), CursorPoint Combo Compact Keyboard with CursorPoint Pointing Device (SK581), TrackPoint Combo Compact Keyboard with Trackball Pointing Device (SK573), Compact Keyboard (SK595), Silver Compact Keyboard with Scissor Switch Keyswitches (SK3300), Silver 104 Key Keyboard with Reduced Footprint (SK5100), Super Mini Compact Keyboard with Scissor Switches (SK3100U), Financial Keyboard with and without Touchpad (SK730/740)
Softworqs Plus pads, Keyboard Gel Palm Rests, Mouse Palm rests, Gel Palm Rests for Microsoft Style keyboards
Tabletote Tabletote Portable Laptop Table / Workstation
TypeMatrix Typematrix Linear Matrix Scissor Keyswitch keyboard (2020DE-US)
Vuryte Under Monitor Adjustable Document Holder (18SL), Free Standing Document Holder (18DC), MySpaceStation Dry Erase Board / Note Taker / Small Document Holder (14MSS), Monitor Riser 1" (2455) and 2" (4800)
WASP WASP Wrist Arm Support Platform
Zippy Backlit Illuminated Compact Keyboard (EL-610)

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