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ErgoCanada is excited to announce the following new products this month and future upcoming events, including:

New Products

Dual Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand

Dual Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand

The Dual Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand is an expandable, modular, tool-less free standing monitor mounting solution which allows two monitors to be positioned in a seamless 'side-by-side' orientation. The 25" wide crossbar has 2 Standard Quick Release Pivots which are capable of tilting 20º up, 10º down and 25º left and right and accommodate monitors up to 24" (measured diagonally bezel to bezel). This allows the user sufficient range of movement to ensure monitors are in almost any desired position relative to each other in addition to the capability of rotating from portrait to landscape orientation. The pivots are VESA 75 and 100 compatible and can be adjusted along the crossbar. The heavy weighted 16" wide x 10" deep base and stand is 9 lbs and the vertical pole is 16".

For more information on theDual Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand, see the LCD Arms - Other product line page in our online catalog.


Laptop Pro Keyboard from Matias

Mey Chair Systems

Mey Chair Systems offer an extensive range of specialized seating - focusing specifically on the Sit/Stand requirements of both Industrial and Office environments. Popular products from Mey include the Sit Stand Industrial Infinity Stool, their Industrial Fixed Seat Stools with Gas Lifts, and their line of Saddle Seating. The wide range of options available ensure that there is a chair to serve virtually every user. Mey also offers two Heavy Duty Foot-Actuated Footrests which incorporate a gas spring for effortless adjustment over a significant range of height. Quality, variety, and competitive pricing make Mey Chair Systems products well worth considering when you are looking for Specialty Seating Options.

For more information on the Mey Chairs, see the Mey Chair Systems product line page in our online catalog.


Featured Products

NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats by Lets Gel, Inc.

Salli Sway by Salli

The Salli Sway is a more economical model of the premium Salli Swing model, the most freely moving split saddle seat chair offered on the market today. The Sway differs only in that it has a lighter seat frame, standard (as compared to premium) components, a more limited warranty and fewer accessory and color options.

The rocking mechanism enables the seat to freely and continuously tilt or 'rock' on the left-right and front-back axis (and all angles in combination) in response to the movements of the user without any adjustments to the chair. This stimulates muscles in the abdominal and pelvic area, realizing benefits for the user similar to those which can be obtained through use of an exercise ball. It also adds to the mobility and metabolism of the lower back while still getting appropriate support from the split saddle seat design and maintaining the natural curvature of the spine. The width of the two halves of the saddle seat are fixed and cannot adjust but the design accommodates the body types of most individuals. If an individual has very muscular or thick thighs, or minimal soft tissue (i.e. slight frame and below average weight), they may want to consider the Salli SwingFit.

For more information on the Salli Sway, see the Chairs - Office page in our online catalog.


TriRite Adjustable Footrest

TriRite Adjustable Footrest

The TriRite is a lightweight, sturdy, and easy-to-adjust footrest which offers adjustment angles of 10°, 20° and 33°. This range of adjustment can help support the user's feet and legs while working at the optimal position to maximize comfort. The TriRite is a non-locking footrest which means that the user is able to tilt the platform to encourage circulation if desired by pressing with the balls of the feet and/or moving the feet to a higher position on the platform. When the heel is near the bottom of the platform, unintentional tilting of the platform is unlikely to occur without a concerted effort to 'press down hard' on the balls of the feet. The footplate rotates around a central axle and users can simply nudge the end supports with their feet to adjust the default footplate angle. This eliminates the need to crawl under the desk to adjust the footrest angle.

For more information on the TriRite Adjustable Footrest, see the Footrest page in our online catalog.

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