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New Products

Ergomaker 2-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Base from Ergomaker

Ergomaker 2-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Base from Ergomaker

The Ergomaker 2-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Base is an affordably priced sit-stand solution which offers smooth and quiet lifting of up to 220 pounds from 23.5" - 49.5". Equipped with dual motors, a soft start feature eliminates potentially jarring movement, and a 6-button programmable control featuring 4 preset options, the Ergomaker Base is also adjustable in width from 43" - 73.6" and is capable of accepting tops 20" - 30" in depth. The wide range of features, universal application, and a comprehensive 5-year warranty make the Ergomaker 2-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Base a good selection for most sit-stand applications. Assembly is simple and can generally be accomplished in about 45 minutes.

The "T-base" design centers the 3-stage lifting legs, providing a level of stability that approaches that of other higher priced solutions, even at the highest of elevations. Synchronized linear actuator motors housed within each leg provide a height adjustment speed of 1.5" per second. Users are able to store up to four preferred one-touch height settings or can manually adjust the desk height with the up/down buttons. The base features a "stop and reverse" built-in Anti-Collision protection in the event that the table collides with a fixed object.

NOTE: The adjustable nature of this frame means that a wide variety of table top options can be mounted to this frame or you may provide your own custom-made or pre-existing table top.

For more information on the Ergomaker 2-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Base, see the Furniture - Sit Stand Solutions - Electric Workstations product line page in our online catalog.

Mini Quiet Pro keyboard by Matias

Mini Quiet Pro Keyboard by Matias

The Mini Quiet Pro keyboard by Matias is the highest performance compact keyboard for desktop (i.e. non-portable) applications. All keycaps and key pitches are identical to those on a 'conventional' keyboard, which means there is practically no learning curve. The keys have full key travel of 3.5 mm, and sculpted (i.e. concave) keycap tops to ensure keying accuracy. The numeric keypad is embedded, permitting a lateral footprint of 13.25" that greatly reduces the reach to the mouse.

The one significant difference is that this keyboard uses mechanical keyswitches with Matias Quiet Click technology. These keyswitches provide the superior tactile feedback and high performance faster typing speeds associated with mechanical keyboards but without the associated 'click and clack' noise. This design also provides better resistance to crumbs and dust, with a keyswitch rating of 50 million keystrokes. The keycap legends are laser etched and will not wear off even for intense users.

Bonus features include a 3-port hi-speed USB 2.0 hub and special Anti-Ghosting circuitry, which enables users to type as fast as they want without the fear of dropped characters. The Mini Quiet Pro is available only for PC. Those looking for a similar keyboard for the Mac might consider the Laptop Pro Keyboard (Bluetooth) with Mac friendly function keys, or the corded Mini Tactile Pro.

Nouveau!!! - Maintenant disponible en modèle avec Canadien français double-légender (dual-legended) **bilingual/bilingue**

NEW!!! - Now available in a French Canadian Bilingual Legended Model

For more information on the Mini Quiet Pro Keyboard, see the Keyboards - Bilingual/French product line page in our online catalog.

Featured Products

Webble from BriteObjects

Webble from BriteObjects

The Webble from BriteObjects combines iconic design with innovative features to create a unique and highly functional foot rest. The four casters let the Webble effortlessly follow the feet as the user changes position, making it especially useful at L-shaped stations which might otherwise require two separate foot rests. The Webble employs a patented mesh membrane tensioned over a padded open frame to create a "hammocking" effect which gently cradles the feet, making it exceptionally comfortable for use without footwear. Spring suspension further enhances the comfort provided by the tensioned membrane.

The Webble moves freely for most applications, however a safety brake feature engages when weight of 60 lbs or more is placed on the foot rest.

For more information on the Webble, see the Accessories - Foot Rests product line page in our online catalog.

RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design

RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design

The RollerMouse Free3 by Contour Design is the lowest profile RollerMouse model in the RollerMouse family of products. At only 0.9" high, this low profile mouse will seamlessly work with most standard rectangular-style keyboards without getting in the way while typing. The Free3 boasts several improved features over its predecessor, including more and faster speeds (10 speeds from 600 to 2800 dpi), two new buttons for forward and back in most internet browsers, more padding in the new built-in wrist support for added comfort, and an aluminum base on the underside of the unit for increased strength and stability. In addition, the rollerbar has been redesigned with a new sensor, allowing for more precise cursor movements, so that the cursor can easily move over multiple screens. As many users now work with two or more screens, these added features ensure that the Free3 will easily work with the overall screen size of such users.

The Free3 also comes in either a wired or wireless version, so that those who want to reduce extra wires or complicated cable management have the choice of going wireless. The wireless version has an on/off switch to save on power if needed, as well as a small receiver (USB) that can be securely stored in the magnetized battery housing when not in use.

For more information on the RollerMouse Free3 Wireless, see the Mice - Alternative product line page in our online catalog.

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