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ErgoCanada is excited to announce the following recent product releases and events, including:

New Products

Freestyle2 Blue Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard

Freestyle2 Blue Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard

The new Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Keyboard is an extremely versatile ergonomic bluetooth keyboard. This innovative keyboard offers all the same features as the corded Freestyle2, with the added convenience of a 'Multichannel' Bluetooth connection. Kinesis' unique Multichannel technology enables users to instantly switch keyboard input between up to 3 Bluetooth devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) The Freestyle2 Blue eliminates the wait while a connection is established and paves the way to increased efficiency and improved productivity. Two models; one for PC and one for Mac, ensure that users in both platforms can benefit equally.

This low-profile keyboard is divided into two separate parts or modules connected by a 9" cable, and is dramatically thinner and more portable than the original version. The modular design allows the user to configure the keyboard in its optimal orientation, either by splaying the modules at any angle or by adjusting the distance between the modules up to 9". Different accessory kits can be purchased to provide additional keyboard configuration options, including tenting the modules at set angles of elevation, or adding a discrete matching numeric keypad.

For more information on the Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue Keyboard, see the Adjustable/Separated Keyboards product line page in our online catalog.


Newtral Mouse by Microtouch

Newtral Mouse by Microtouch

The Newtral Mouse from Microtouch is designed to provide right-handed users with a comfortable mouse which reduces wrist and forearm pronation and the need to grip the mouse. The raised thumbrest and outward angle of the mouse position the hand at a 33° outward angle, thereby reducing the inward rotation of the forearm. The body of the mouse is designed to fill and support the palm, encouraging users to 'rest' their hand on the mouse rather than trying to 'hold on' and 'control' it. Since not all hands are the same size the Newtral Mouse is available in two sizes, enabling users to select the size which best suits their hand size. A convenient detachable ledge raises the little finger and outer edge of palm off of the mousing surface, reducing potentially irritating surface friction and the adjustble DPI features four easily selected settings for every kind of work.

For more information on the Newtral Mouse, see the Ergonomic Mice page in our online catalog.


Featured Products

NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats by Lets Gel, Inc.

Penclic (3rd Generation)

The Penclic Mouse (3rd Generation) provides an effortless and intuitive way to move the cursor with fine precision by employing motions similar to those used when writing with a pen. The pen can freely pivot in a recessed circular depression (ball/socket joint) on the base, allowing the user to find the best angle and orientation of the pen to maximize comfort and precision. The base itself glides to provide mouse control, and the movement of the base is achieved by using the small muscles and joints of the fingers as opposed to the larger muscle groups of the shoulder and arm. As the orientation can accommodate a wide range of positions, the user is able to move the mouse with either fine or gross movements (and accompanying positions) which can help to reduce any one set of repetitive movements. The design of the Penclic Mouse (3rd Generation) is also ambidextrous, enabling the user to easily balance the workload between the left and right hands. A number of improvements were made on this latest Penclic such as moving the scroll wheel onto the pen for easier access and better control. The buttons have also been simplified and are more intuitive and easy to use.

For more information on the Penclic (3rd Generation), see the Vertical Mice page in our online catalog.


Dual Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand

Dual Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand

The Dual Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand is an expandable, modular, tool-less free standing monitor mounting solution which allows two monitors to be positioned in a seamless 'side-by-side' orientation. The 25" wide crossbar has 2 Standard Quick Release Pivots which are capable of tilting 20º up, 10º down and 25º left and right and accommodate monitors up to 24" (measured diagonally bezel to bezel). This allows the user sufficient range of movement to ensure monitors are in almost any desired position relative to each other in addition to the capability of rotating from portrait to landscape orientation. The pivots are VESA 75 and 100 compatible and can be adjusted along the crossbar. The heavy weighted 16" wide x 10" deep base and stand is 9 lbs and the vertical pole is 16".

For more information on theDual Horizontal 100 Series Desk Stand, see the LCD Arms - Other product line page in our online catalog.

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