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New Products

Laminate Desktop Elevator

Laminate Desktop Elevator from OIC Innovations

The Laminate Desktop Elevator from OIC Innovations is a complete desktop add-on solution for creating a sit-stand workstation. The large worksurface area and sturdy construction allow your keyboard, mouse, and monitor to effortlessly move up and down to the desired height (from 3" above desktop while sitting and 5" to 17" above desktop while standing). Two model sizes are available with 24" or 27" depth, both with a width of 48".

For more information on the Laminate Desktop Elevator, see the Sit Stand Solutions - Portable product line page in our online catalog.


Laptop Pro Keyboard from Matias

Mey Chair Systems

Mey Chair Systems offer an extensive range of specialized seating - focusing specifically on the Sit/Stand requirements of both Industrial and Office environments. Popular products from Mey include the Sit Stand Industrial Infinity Stool, their Industrial Fixed Seat Stools with Gas Lifts, and their line of Saddle Seating. The wide range of options available ensure that there is a chair to serve virtually every user. Mey also offers two Heavy Duty Foot-Actuated Footrests which incorporate a gas spring for effortless adjustment over a significant range of height. Quality, variety, and competitive pricing make Mey Chair Systems products well worth considering when you are looking for Specialty Seating Options.

For more information on the Mey Chairs, see the Mey Chair Systems product line page in our online catalog.


Featured Products

NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats by Lets Gel, Inc.

NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats by Lets Gel, Inc.

NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats by Lets Gel, Inc. provide the ideal balance of comfort and support for standing applications. Their 0.75" thick mats feature a proprietary Cellulon Polyurethane Technology which can handle the heavy usage of a workplace environment without losing the 'bouncy feel' (i.e. bottoming out or fatiguing over time). The mats are stain and puncture resistant and have anti-microbial properties, despite being eco-friendly and constructed with Bio-Foam, a renewable plant basede resource.

NewLife Eco-Pro mats are manufactured in the USA and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for their high traction no-slip bottom surface. All edges are beveled at 18°which greatly reduces the potential for the mat becoming a tripping hazard. They are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of most implementations, and come in Black and Taupe.

For more information on the NewLife Eco-Pro Anti-Fatigue Mats, see the Sit Stand Solutions page in our online catalog.


Conset 501-27 2-Leg Electric Workstation

Electric Sit Stand Workstations by Conset

ErgoCanada is excited to now have in stock a full line of affordable, ergonomic electric workstations, ideal for both multi-user and sit-stand applications. Complete units (base and tabletop) are available for as low as $550, and provide a minimum of 20" of effortless height adjustment. There are small footprint single column bases, standard 2-Leg bases and large 3-Leg bases for corner style or 'L' workstations. A wide variety of standard tabletops in Maple or Beech Veneer are available, if a custom tabletop is not required for the application. Why settle for a small keyboard tray when you can adjust your entire worksurface quickly and effortlessly as required? Instead of modifying you existing desk with multiple, interacting components, why not replace your entire desk with an all-in-one complete sit-stand unit? At half to a third of the cost of other products on the market, this line of products from Conset, a Denmark-based company, has been well received in the United States and ErgoCanada is pleased to have it in stock now in Canada!

For more information on the Electric Bases and Tabletops from Conset, see the Electric Workstation page in our online catalog.

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