Cirque Logo Cirque Smoothcat / Wave / Wave II Combo Keyboard - Detailed Specification Sheet

Picture of Cirque SmoothCat Keyboard

This is the only keyboard on the market which incorporates Cirque's Glidepoint technology with an embedded touchpad under the cursor control keys - eliminating the need to reach for your mouse.

Now you can experience the only ergo-style keyboard that combines comfortable design with Cirque's award-winning 'Cat' touchpad features. As the first input device built for both human hands and human needs, the new Cirque Smooth Cat keyboard is perfect for users who spend hours computing each day.  No more twisting your hands towards the keys or reaching for your mouse!

NOTE: There is no downloadable driver for this keyboard and touchpad; the touchpad works with the mouse driver provided by Windows. Thus there is no vertical scrolling available with this model.

---> The keyboards we have are all labeled Wave Keyboards - the only distinction between them is the label on the top right corner of the keyboard.  If you really want one or the other of the labels, please specify and we will try to accommodate you.  If you would like a retail box for your keyboard, a limited number of retail boxes are available (most are in standard white boxes) - please mention this when ordering if you would like a retail box.


System Requirements: 

Physical Specifications: